The in case the world ends I want to tell you how much I love you edition

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Thank you for making my dash the greatest dash there ever is to scroll through. You are forever my favourite people. Even if we rarely talk, I think you’re a beautiful person and if the world ends today, I want you to know that. And if the world doesn’t end, I want you to always remember it. I love you, you amazing creatures. 


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  2. goldengloryy said: ah wait i just saw this, thanks so much Alex you always put a smile on my face :) :) merry christmas and good luck on your driving test tomorrow!! xx
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    I just cried! Happy tears!! aww Alex hun i love you and the girls so much!!! you are and will forever be our beautiful...
  4. temperances said: fghjkl I LOVE YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH :’)
  5. aldoclemens said: Alex, why no. I am not worthy! You’re the best, seriously. ILY!!! ♥
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    ALEX, NOOOOOO. You made a mistake, obviously. I shouldn’t be there! I feel so honored, seriously. THANK YOU!!! ♥...
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